NVidia GT1030: how to run TensorFlow on Ubuntu 16.04

March 2018

I used these guides, though it was a quite long dance, so I didn’t write everything down 🙁
1. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/data-center/gpu-accelerated-applications/tensorflow/
2. http://www.python36.com/install-tensorflow141-gpu/
3. https://medium.com/@samnco/using-the-nvidia-gt-1030-for-cuda-workloads-on-ubuntu-16-04-4eee72d56791

Key points:
1. Need to install a graphic driver nvidia-375.
2. Don’t reboot.
3. Then need to install CUDA (9.1). It’ll also install nvidia-384, though it doesn’t make a login loop after that.
4. Reboot.
5. Compile TensorFlow from the source code.

The driver and CUDA are deb-based.

Good sign: your video adapter should work. Just installation of drivers (correct) – 90% of success. DO NOT download drivers or cuda from the official site. Only from official repos. See guide aboves for the details.
If have any questions, please, mail me: egslava@gmail.com

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